Published On: Mon, Jul 23rd, 2018

ANSWERS TO EXERCISE 220720 – Past Simple (to be) – (Translate into Turkish)

ANSWERS TO EXERCISE 220720 – Past Simple (to be) – (Translate into Turkish)
EXERCISE 220720 – Past Simple (to be)
Translate into Turkish please
Today I am happy / (Ben) Bugün mutluyum
But yesterday I was sad / Fakat (Ben) dün üzgündüm
Now you are at home / (Sen) Şimdi evdesin
but last week you were on holiday / Fakat (sen) geçen hafta tatildeydin
Today it is rainy / Bugün yağmurlu(dur) (Bugün hava yağmurludur)
but yesterday it was sunny / Fakat dün güneşliydi
Today Susan is at work / Bugün, Susan işte(dir)
but yesterday she was with me / Fakat dün o benle beraberdi
Susan and her friend are tired today / Susan ve (onun) arkadaşı bugün yorgun(durlar)
because they were very busy yesterday / çünkü onlar dün çok yoğundu(lar)

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  1. Brenda says:

    Hi are Fakat and ama used the same way in the exercise above I used ama

    • BTT says:

      Ama and Fakat have the same meaning (up to my knowledge and practice so far).
      However, in formal language (letters reports etc) I would personally prefer FAKAT.

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