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Buket Uzuner – A prominent Turkish author

Buket Uzuner – A prominent Turkish author

Among most popular Turkish writers Ms. BUKET UZUNER certainly has a special place because she has won a very well-deserved reputation by giving birth to many pieces of work in multiple categories of writing such as novels, short stories, travelogues etc…

To give some short biographical information about the author, she was born in Ankara on October 3rd 1955 and studied biology and environmental science.  She has conducted research and presented lectures at universities in Turkey, Norway, the United States and Finland. Her fiction has been translated into eight languages, including Spanish, English, Italian, Greek, Romanian, Hebrew, Korean, and Bulgarian.

Buket Uzuner is known to be a true traveler (solo woman backpacker) and has been on inter-rail tours round Europe and other continents on which occasion she has written her travel memoirs.

Uzuner’s books have been on the Turkish best-seller lists since 1992. They are taught in a number of Turkish universities and high schools.

As for her works, she has written many books which have certainly found a distinguished place among many others on the market. Some of her work you can find below:


The Travel Notes of A Brunette (1988 – 300,000 copies)
Travel Notes of An Urban Romantic (questions the meaning of exoticism )
New York Logbook.. (all collected lately in Travel Library of Buket Uzuner)

Some Novels

İki Yeşil Susamuru, Anneleri, Babaları, Sevgilileri ve Diğerleri (Two Green Otters, Mothers, Fathers, Lovers and All the Others) – Her first novel of which she celebrated the 22nd year anniversary in 2013.  It was translated by Alex Dawe with its 50th edition which sold over 1 million copies in Turkey and already a contemporary classic.

Istanbullular (Istanbulites) published in USA by Dalkey Archive Press with the title of I Am Istanbul translated into English by Kenneth J. Dakan

In 1993, Buket Uzuner was awarded Turkey’s Yunus Nadi prize for the novel The Sound of Fishsteps, and in 1998 Mediterranean Waltz was named novel of the year by the University of Istanbul. She was made an honorary member of the International Writing Program, IWP of University of Iowa in 1996. She was also honored with a certificate of appreciation from the Senate of Middle East Technical University; METU in 2004.

She has referred to Turkish poet and novelist Attilâ İlhan, and Cervantes, Dostoyevski, Doris Lessing, Turkish woman writer Sevgi Soysal as major influences on her work.


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