Published On: Sat, Dec 9th, 2017

Hasankeyf… A historical town in Batman Turkey from ancient ages

HASANKEYF in Batman (Mesopotamia) is one of the oldest settlement areas of mankind. The ancient town located at an important crossing point on Batman-Mardin and Batman-Şırnak highways, is at a height of 520 meters from the sea and split into 2 by the river Tigris. The town was built in a valley with Midyat mountain range to the south  and Raman mountain range to the north.

Hasankeyf has been a spot of major importance for ages with the river of Tigris flowing through its center, geographical structure suitable for protection and thousands of caves used as residence.

Answers to questions such as “When and by whom it was first founded” are not available. However, the city and thousands of caves that surround it show clearly that people settled here in very early ages.

Based on available information, Hasankeyf castle for instance was built in  4th century a.d. The Byzantine Emperor Constantine seized the surroundings of Diyarbakir in the middle of the 4th century. In order to protect the region, he had two border castles built one of which historians call Hasankeyf Castle.

The most important historical spots to visit and see in the province of Batman are located at this historic site named Hasankeyf. Numerous remains have been found in this area, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history.

Among places worth seeing are Hasankeyf Caves, Küçük Kale, Koç Mosque, Kızlar Mosque and many more.

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