Published On: Wed, Jan 1st, 2020

Pre-payment for Turkey’s domestic car is expected to be TL 30-40 thousand

Pre-payment for Turkey’s domestic car is expected to be TL 30-40 thousand

The domestic electric car, which was showcased last week, was widely favored for both its design and its technological features. It is reported that pre-payment for Turkey’s domestic car is expected to be TL 30-40 thousand.

The 100 percent electric domestic car, developed by Turkey’s Automobile Venture Group (TOGG), continues to garner headlines. With the curtain lifted, many institutions and organizations, from municipalities to civil society organizations, from public institutions to sports clubs have announced that they would like to place orders for the vehicle. The total domestic demand for the car (different models) is already said to exceed 120 thousand.

The pre-order process for the domestic electric car, which attracts a great deal of attention with its superior technological features as well as its design, is to begin. According to the information revealed, this process will be managed and coordinated by the Union of Chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey (TOBB). Thus, it will be clear how many people want to buy the domestic car in Turkey.

The concerned account for pre-payments will be created after the factory is established. Pre-payment funds to be collected by TOBB are expected to cover some of the investment required for the factory. The amount of prepayment is estimated to be determined as 30-40 thousand pounds.

A TOBB board member Ibrahim has stated that future purchase requests from all over Anatolia will support the production process of the domestic car and the biggest support to the factory will be this campaign. The member also said the total number of orders was around 175,000 units already which is the annual production figure.

The factory where the domestic electric car will be produced will be established in the Gemlik district of Bursa. The factory, which will be built by TOGG with an investment of £ 22 billion, will also receive state support. A total of 4,323 people, 300 of whom are qualified personnel, will be employed in the production facility to be established. Domestic cars will have 5 different models and 175 thousand units will be produced annually.

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