Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

The city of Izmir and “the Great Izmir Port”

Most recently an issue has been on the agenda of Izmir Chamber of Shipping Chamber of Commerce and to be more precise an article in regards was published a in a magazine prepared by said association; The prospects of bringing “The Great Izmir Port” to being…

Yes, the question is “Can the Great Izmir Harbor be realized?” Based on statements by chairman of IMAAK Chamber of Commerce İzmir Branch it is understood that another step is to be taken on the way to accomplishing the target of “the Great Izmir Port”, after Petkim Port comes into operation this year.

According to the chairperson, Alsancak, Aliaga, Nimrod, Kuzey Ege Candarli, Dikili, Çeşme Kusadasi Ports are specialized units in their fields and they were not to challenge each other but they were parts of the Great Izmir Port functioning in an integrated manner. Moreover after the realization of  “the new port investment” by APM Terminals and Petkim, the North Aegean will be an important center for container transportation, in a short time.

There is a need for a road network and a rail link in the region where 45 percent of the total foreign trade of Aegean region is realized. Moreover, experts say Aliağa should be restructured as logistic center in addition to Kemalpaşa Logistic Center and specialized customs units should be located in the region for a smooth and efficient operation.

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