Published On: Sat, Jan 6th, 2018

Turkey prepares to import 5,700 tons of meat from France after Erdoğan’s visit

Turkey prepares to import 5,700 tons of meat from France after Erdoğan's visit

Turkey will import red meat from France –

It is reported that Turkey has decided to import meat from France. The news was announced by President Macron of France after meeting with President Erdoğan in Paris. Macro said “We are to realize sales of 5,700 tons of meat to Turkey. This is a good opportunity to cattle breeders in this country”. Erdoğan who got together with Macron on his visit to France, also stated at joint press conference after the meeting that meat would be imported from this country.

Erdogan said, “We have put an end to the limitations applied to import livestock from France due to disease. I think a similar approach will be shown by France in the purchase of cherry from our country and this problem will be solved.”

His counterpart Macron said, “We made significant progress on beef topic. Export of 5,700 tons of meat is in question and this is an important issue. It is a good opportunity for cattle breeders in our country. We want to make progress in areas of chicken meat, poultry and fruit as well.

On the other hand, importation of meat into Turkey has become an important component of foreign relations for Turkey, recently. Turkey has used “importation of meat” subject in its relations with countries such as Russia, Serbia and Sudan and France most recently.

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