Published On: Sat, Nov 4th, 2017

Turkish author Ece Temelkuran wins Edinburgh Int’l Book Festival First Book Award

Turkish author Ece Temelkuran wins award in book festival

Turkish author Ece Temelkuran wins 2017 Edinburgh Int’l Book Festival First Book Award


Turkish author Ece Temelkuran has been announced as the winner of the 2017 Edinburgh International Book Festival First Book Award for her first novel translated into English, “Women Who Blow on Knots,” the story of four women on a journey from Tunisia to Lebanon.

WHO IS ECE TEMELKURAN: Temelkuran is one of Turkey’s best-known journalists and political commentators. Her investigative journalism books broach subjects that are highly controversial in Turkey, such as Kurdish and Armenian issues, women’s movement, and political prisoners. She has published widely and won numerous awards for her work, including the Pen for Peace Award and Turkish Journalist of the Year. Also she was a visiting fellow at the University of Oxford’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. As a writer she published ten books and two of her books; Deep Mountain, Across the Turkish-Armenian Divide and Book of the Edge has been also published in English. Muz Sesleri (The Sound of Bananas) will be published in Arabic soon. You can follow her on Twitter @ETemelkuran (BUSINESSTURKEYTODAY.COM))

All 50 debut novels and short story collections for adults and young adults featured in the book festival public program this year were eligible for the award, which is voted by readers and visitors of the festival.

One of Turkey’s best-known novelists and political commentators, Temelkuran has been a regular guest on BBC Radio 4 and has also appeared on Channel 4 News, while her journalistic works have been featured in Der Spiegel, the Guardian and the New York Times. She currently lives in Zagreb.

“Women Who Blow on Knots,” Temelkuran’s second novel and first to be translated into English, has sold over 120,000 copies. Full of political rhetoric and strong, atypically Muslim female characters, Temelkuran has woven an empowering tale that challenges the social perceptions of politics, religion and women in the Middle East as well as the universal bonds of sister and motherhood.

“Women Who Blow on Knots is a perfect winner for this year’s First Book Award. It’s a funny, pacey and above all life-affirming road movie of a novel which celebrates strength and sisterhood among a group of Arab women at the height of the Arab Spring uprisings. Temelkuran is not only a great novelist: she’s a fearless journalist whose writing about Turkey and its neighboring countries deserves to be read widely across the world,” said the book festival’s director, Nick Barley.


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