Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2013

What did investors win on Istanbul stock market in w/c April 8th?

In w/c April 8th, while investors made profit in the stock market, dollar and commodities lost value.

The profit Borsa Istanbul (Bist) provided for its investors stood at an average of 3,06 percent.
The selling price of 24-carat gold bullion fell down to 88.50 pounds showing a decrease of 2,43 percent.

Following the announcement of Credit rating agency Moody’s last week, which said the process of solving the Kurdish issue would have a positive impact on Turkey’s credit note, stocks on the bourse rose by 3.06 percent.

While US Dollar lost value by 0,50 percent down to 1,791 Turkish Liras, Euro saw a slight increase by 0,09 percent up to 2,341


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