Published On: Sun, Aug 4th, 2019

What does the close future show for ruling AK Party and its invincible leader?

What does the close future show for ruling AK Party and its invincible leader?

The word invincible in the expression above would perfectly fit until a short while ago, that is until the day when IMAMOGLU, the candidate for opposition party CHP swept over YILDIRIM, AK Party candidate in the election for Istanbul mayor on June 23rd.

But now anybody involved or even not involved in politics in Turkey knows that IMAMOGLU has caused the once invincible man of Turkey experience the biggest (and maybe the only) defeat in his political career.

Indeed, the result of concerned local elections was a major blow to the ruling party and some political experts make evaluations such as the opposition has increased its vote and the ruling AK Party is increasingly melting.

On the other hand, some experts and opinion leaders also comment the new party supposed to be established by ALİ BABACAN, one time right-hand man of Turkey’s president for economy will only accelerate this melt down as several deputies from AK Party could leave to join forces with Babacan.

If this came true, it would not be a big surprise for AK party to fall below thirty percent in the parliament based on above evaluations, experts also comment. That is, together with the votes the new party would get from AK Party, certainly…

The experts also note that as the CHP approaches its goal of becoming a central party and the AK Party moves away from the center, the CHP will continue to increase votes.

The new party to be established by BABACAN is seen to have the potential to get votes from all parties in which case it will not be a surprise for the AK party to fall below 30 percent in the parliament. If this happens the REPUBLIC ALLIANCE will have a vote of 40 percent in the parliament only which might not be good enough for Turkey’s president to maintain his power at the top of the state.

There is no doubt the President is also aware of this threat in the horizon and the question is if he will be able to tackle this new situation as he has done with all major crisis he has had to go through so far and “what cards he is planning to play” as far as  issues such as Syria, Cyprus, S400 and F 35 are concerned.

Time will show if and how he would use these critical issues to work out a new position that would secure his power for the coming period as well. One thing is for sure though; He is a very clever and experienced politician, among the best, indeed.

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