Published On: Tue, Aug 13th, 2019

Former Minister Babacan announces principles of new party to be established soon

Former Minister Babacan announces principles of new party to be established soon

At a time when Ak Party has been trying to cope with the worst problems since the day it came to power, another major issue to tackle has come to the agenda; Ali BABACAN, one-time “right hand of President ERDOGAN” concerning issues of economy has decided to establish a new party to challenge his old boss and is getting prepared for the kick off. To make things worse for the ruling party and its leader, the former president Abdullah GUL – now seen as a threat by many members of the AK Party – has not denied that he will join hands with BABACAN in this new political adventure.

The question is “if the new party to be established soon will be able to weaken AK Party, in power for a long while and pave the way for a major change in Turkey’s domestic politics for the coming period”. Despite the difficulty to provide a sufficient answer to this question at the moment, some surveys indicate that BABACAN could be the right man to do this and would certainly be welcome by the opposition and CHP mainly which have not been able to win any elections against almighty ERDOGAN since AK Party came to power in 2002.

The reason is, BABACAN is considered to have earned the reputation of “a well-respected, reliable politician and a top expert in economy management” during his service period in the government. Experts note that these references could make thing easier for him to obtain the support he would need on the way to success. In fact, it is also noted that quite a few deputies from ruling AK Party could join forces with BABACAN in this new party.

On the other hand, one of his biggest advantages would be the support he expects to enjoy abroad as he is considered to be a very experienced and reliable teshnical person in the area of economy as well. Having said this, it is not a secret Turkey has been going through some tough times in economy and the current team does not seem to please those involved – to include citizens, it goes without saying. Turkey needs to take action urgently to cure its economy and there is no doubt Turkey’s partners abroad would be willing to do business with a country with an improving economy.

Then again, Mr. BABACAN has been drawing attention to several major below issues about which the current administration receives tough criticism from many parties (and opinion leaders to be in the first place) regarding the governments poor performance; respect for human rights, liberalism, interpretation and implementation of democracy, populism, reputable institutions in the economy, sensitivity to environmental issues etc.

If Mr. BABACAN manages to persuade concerned people and parties he will focus on said issues to help Turkey see the light at the end of the tunnel, there seems to be no reason for his critical attempt to be ignored in a country coping with said issues.

Thus, judging on above explanations which seem to be of concern for Turkey today, it would not be an exaggeration to say AK Party might have a challenge to work out in the coming days to keep its grip on power.

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