Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

What does Turkey need to do to improve its economy and position in foreign politics?

It is no secret that Turkey is surrounded with major problems in economy and foreign politics not to forget the tension in domestic politics. The president of the country with all required power granted to him to run the country is certainly experiencing a tough period he has never seen before.

Among referred major issues that make life difficult for Turkey’s president, we can name topics such as the country’s position in Syria, the Cyprus conflict in the eastern Mediterranean, S400 missile purchase from Russia, F35 jets and the complicated/unresolvable problem thus created between the USA and Turkey not to forget one of the most important questions “what happens if all those jihadists placed in IDLIB flee to Turkey, when Assad forces take this town back from rebels”. The reason simply being Turkey would be desperate to cope with another refugee wave of approximately 3 million people fleeing from the regime forces.  In fact, Turkey has already hosted a population of over 4 million refugees from Syria – which has brought an unbearable burden on the economy.

Turkey has found itself in such a difficult situation that it now seems almost unlikely to make necessary moves in Syria unless approved by Putin or/and the USA. Turkey cannot afford to be in bad terms with Assad any more as this seems to be a concern for Putin. On the other hand, Turkey cannot take the measures it deems necessary to work out the problems in the east of Euphrates as the USA will certainly not tolerate a radical move to be implemented against YPG (PKK affiliated groups as recognized by Turkey) in the region. In other words the administration’s hands are tied, by all means.

At this point many experts and opinion leaders emphasize the administration has to consider repairing and re-establishing relations with Assad rather than sticking to the hostile attitude it has so far adopted – regardless of the bad conduct of Assad against his people in Syria (it goes without saying). This might be one of the first steps to give Turkey some room to breathe after which a solution in the group formed by Russia, Iran, Syria and Turkey could be worked out. Because it is very clear that the policies and targets adopted by the USA which is still after realizing the “Greater Middle East Project”, will not be a cure for Turkey.

Another major step Turkey should be looking forward to, is mending relations with Egypt as well, as this country is also involved in the issue of oil exploration off the Cyprus coast. Turkey, as clearly observed, does not seem to have any allies in this complicated conflict either and to the contrary it is in bad terms with countries such as Egypt which is another powerful state in the region. Not to forget Qatar which is supposed to be among Turkey’s major allies (not many actually) in the region is positioned in the group Turkey is in conflict with.

All in all, as explained above the administration of Turkey has so many obstacles ahead to overcome as far as foreign relations are concerned, before Turks can finally find relief.

Then again, it is no secret that the country has been struggling to overcome the economic difficulties – with or without success time will show, before long. However, the policies of the administration is often criticized by many experts (despite harsh reaction from the authority) and the major issue is considered to be the adequate improvement and upgrade of the rule of law in the country and re-establishment of separation of powers (check and balance system) again, as many claim all 3 concerned powers are held (are under the control of) by the President at the moment – following transition to presidential system and several laws or decrees passed granting the president with enhanced power etc.

Now, regarding the relation of above issue to the economy in the country, it is voiced that only after Turkey upgrades its legal system, will it able to enjoy a much more reputable welcome in the global financial circles which Turkey is badly in need of for foreign loans, on top of the fact it would be attractive again in terms of foreign direct investment as foreign investors are always concerned about legal regulations in a country they would consider bringing money to.

It is needless to say how important funds are for an economy to keep rolling and all are linked to each other in this sense at the end of the day, to display a picture showing how well or poorly the economy is doing, to include the performance of the inflation, unemployment rate, currency fluctuations etc. Also, it is a must for Turkey to focus on production and indeed production of high-value goods to generate revenues, improve its GDP and contribute to employment issue positively.

The bottom line is Turkey is at a turning point where it has to make crucial decisions most likely to effect the next 100 years of the country. It seems to be a real tough job and God be with Turkey.

NOTE: We suggest you check out article by Murat YETKIN a veteran journalist in Turkey and surely one of the best.

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