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What to do and see in Antalya, the tourism capital of Turkey

What to do and see in Antalya, the tourism capital of Turkey

Turkey is certainly among the most favorable touristic destinations in Europe. Antalya is the holiday and tourism capital of Turkey in the Mediterranean. This one-of-a-kind spot with its natural beauties, sea, historical texture and luxury holiday hotels is capable of attracting attention all year round.

The world-famous holiday region in the Mediterranean has so much to offer its visitors not only at the center of the town but also many other attractions in its districts. Thus, it is recommended those planning to visit Antalya should prepare a full list of places to visit in this gorgeous city with a magnificent geography and mild climate.

Antalya KALEICI (inner fortress) with its historical texture is a must on the list of places to visit. Antalya, founded by the Pergamum Kingdom in the Hellenistic period, was surrounded by walls by the king. One can see places and structures such as Hadrian’s Gate, Suna İnan Kıraç Kaleiçi Museum, Antalya Toy Museum, historical houses, Yivli Minaret, souvenir shops, colorful cafes, stylish restaurants, marina, entertainment venues, historical taverns and baths in Kaleici. Today, Kaleiçi is one of the main touristic centers of Antalya as it was in the past. Another spot worth visiting would be Antalya Ataturk House Museum at Muratpasa.

Lara (meaning water nymph) is also one of the central districts of Antalya and famous for its places to visit. The prominent beach at Lara is Altınkum Beach which takes its name from its slender golden sand.

Another natural wonder of Lara is the ASAGI DUDEN. Duden Stream, which runs along Antalya province, is divided into two branches. the Lower Düden which is one of the branches flows into the Mediterranean Sea from the cliffs reaching 40 meters in Lara with all its glory.

Konyaaltı which is located to the west of Antalya is a famous district with its beach just like Lara. It starts from the cliffs section of the district and continues to Antalya Port. Feslikan Plateau and Saklikent Ski Center are among the most famous places to visit in the district.

Antalya and its districts are home to many ancient cities. Excavations in these cities have been continuing for many years and the artifacts recovered during the excavations are exhibited in Antalya Archeology Museum. The museum is one of the must-see places as it is one of the richest museums in the world with its works.

Do not forget to add them to your list of places to visit outside Antalya.

With its thousands of years of history, the ancient cities that you must see in Antalya are; Aspendos Theater, Aspendos Antique City can take the first place with its proximity to the city. Later; The ancient cities of Perge, Myra, Simena, Xanthos, Apollonia, Olympos, Arykanda, Sillyon, Seleukeia, Soura, Antiphellos and Side. It is one of the most visited and historical textures of Antalya.

The most enjoyable part of your holiday is to discover the world famous Antalya beaches. Apart from Konyaalti Beach and Lara Beach; Reşat Island Beaches, Ulaş Beach, Cleopatra Beach, Phaselis Beach, Kaputaş Beach, Patara Beach, Damlataş Beach, Alanya Beaches as well as Kemer, Tekirova, Kumluca, Finike, Demre, Antalya are among the must-see beaches. In addition one can name Beldibi Beaches, Goynuk Coast and Kemer, Tekirova and Olympos places worth seeing and visiting.

It is also recommended to visit the Köprülü Canyon, Sapadere Canyon, Gökbük Canyon, Cyprus Canyon, Göynük Canyon and Güver Cliff which are among the natural beauties of Antalya.

One can add to list of places-to-see caves created by the impact of the karstic soil structure of the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of people from different parts of the world visit these caves each year; These are namely Dim Cave, Kocain Cave, Suluin Cave, Karain Cave, Beldibi Cave and Sırtlanini Cave.

Antalya is famous for its waterfalls. If you are one of the travelers with the spirit of adventure, you should visit the world-famous waterfalls of Antalya. Manavgat Waterfall, Düden Waterfall, Kurşunlu Waterfall, Uçarsu Waterfall and Alara Waterfall all offer spectacular beauties.

On the other hand for those who want to stay away from the the sweltering heat of Antalya and spend time with nature, Bezirgan Plateau, Gömbe Plateau and Üçoluk Plateau are ideal places to visit.

If you want to cool off a little from the sweltering heat of Antalya and spend time with nature, you can visit Bezirgan Plateau, Gömbe Plateau and Üçoluk Plateau.

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