Published On: Sat, Feb 9th, 2019

Can North Korea and the United States manage to establish permanent peace?

What were the results of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un?

Based on news and reports in the media one could have the impression US president Trump is sincerely seeking peace with North Korea. Then again not forgetting the inconsistency with Trump one could think “wait and see until the happy end comes along”.

Despite his unreliable attitude in almost all issues has managed to cover some distance regarding US relations with Kim Jong-un, one has to admit. It goes without saying no one could deny it would be an important achievement for the world peach it this process could be accomplished in a positive manner.

In fact, the US president even seems to reward North Korean leader by complimenting him with expressions such as “North Korea will become an economic power center” etc. However we will see if Trump will be able to do much more than that to persuade Kim Jong-un to take the long (and actually inevitable) road that leads to peace.

In the meantime we hear that Stephen Biegun, the special representative of the US administration in North Korea, has held a three-day meeting in North Korea.

Based on reports, Biegun arrived in South Korea’s capital, Seoul after his contacts in the capital Pyongyang, and informed South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha and South Korea’s nuclear representative, Lee Do-hoon, about their contacts.

In his meeting with Kang, Biegun said, “Our negotiations were fruitful. The president (Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader) is very interested in taking new steps”.

In a statement from the US State Department, it was shared that topics such as  “the commitment of Trump and Kim at the Singapore summit, the transformation of US-North Korean relations and the building of sustainable peace in the Korean Peninsula” were discussed in said meeting with Kim Hyok Chol, special envoy for North Korea’s US affairs.

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