Published On: Sun, May 6th, 2018

Erdogan announces manifesto: Inflation, interest rate & current account deficit will fall

Erdogan announces manifesto: Inflation, interest rate & current account deficit will fall

President Erdoğan (AkParty leader), Turkey –


President and AK Party leader TAYYIP ERDOGAN announced the manifesto of his party regarding the 24 June elections. Erdogan’s election manifesto, covered important targets such as increasing domestic share in high value products and decreasing inflation, interest rates and current account deficit.

Erdogan stated that June 24 elections would be a turning point for Turkey and added “Turkey is becoming the most important power in its region. In the new period, Turkey will become a global power, a leading country”.

Some of the main topics mentioned in the election manifesto shared by President Erdogan were as follows:

“After the elections, the rise of our country will start again with the Presidential Government System. With full separation of powers, the Assembly will focus on law-making and controlling the administration, the government will focus on effective enforcement and judiciary will concentrate on practicing justice in an impartial manner.

In the new system, the order of tutelage and bureaucratic oligarchy will also come to an end.

“In this new system where politics will be institutionalized, stability will become permanent. By means of rapid decision-making, on time action and effective management, economic growth will gain momentum. Turkey will walk towards its goals for 2023, 2053 and 2071 with more confident steps.

With the Presidential Government System, national income will increase and the gap between the income groups will close sharply because the base will be expanded further.”

Everyone’s property security and freedom of trade will be under the guarantee of state of law.”

I swear that Turkey will rise over the contemporary level of civilization in the new period.

“Our projects in the field of domestic automobile and defense industry will be put into action swiftly.

I swear interest rates, inflation and current account deficit will fall.

“The big projects like Kanal Istanbul and Dardanelles Bridge will be realized and our new airport in Istanbul will go into service on October 29th this year.

We will make Turkey’s economy bigger and a global power that will present the world global brands.

The basic principles of our foreign policy will continue to be independence, national interest, national security and conscientious stance.

To become a global force, we will continue to produce our own weapons. We will increase our defense industry values ​​such as Altay tanks, Atak helicopters, our UAVs etc. Our goal is to have our own domestic defense systems.

Turkey will carry out new operations in the new period such as the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch to clear its borders from terrorist organizations”

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