Published On: Thu, Dec 28th, 2017

Good Party leader: “I expect presidential & general elections on 15 July 2018”

Good Party leader: "I expect presidential & general elections on 15 July 2018"

Good Party (Iyi Parti) Leader AKSENER –

İYİ Party (Good Party) leader Meral AKSENER who is seen as a hope for Turkey by millions met with media representatives in Ankara. AKSENER evaluated what she had observed on her trip to many places in the country, following the establishment of her party.

AKSENER shared her forecast on possible distribution of votes in the next election and claimed her party would get the most votes from the ruling AK PARTI which is strong thanks to the electorate committed to ERDOGAN with a very important rate of 25-30 percent.

In reply to a question forwarded, İYİ Parti leader also said that they expected an early election and added “I expect Presidential and general elections on 15 July 2018. It coincides with Sunday, July 15th. Mr. Erdogan will never do local elections before general elections because they get low votes in local elections.

In reply to another question about an election alliance, AKSENER said “Alliances in the parliamentary elections will be in question. It will be an “election of alliances”.

İYİ Parti leader also added “I would argue that it will not be an equal alliance election and that the AKP and the MHP will not come together. It would reflect as a weakness from ERDOGAN’s point of view which is a move he will not do. I would like to make an alliance with parties like the Democratic Party and the Party of Felicity. I will not make an alliance with the CHP because all political parties should show nominees for the presidential candidacy. GOOD Party has claim. If we make an alliance with CHP we will lose our votes. We can support the CHP candidate if that person qualifies for the second round”.

Asked what she thought about most recent comment made by former President ABDULLAH GÜL about the latest decrees accepted by the government she said “I have no idea about whether Mr. Gul will come out on the political scene. He is not doing this for the first time. I have not heard a reply from Mr. GUL”.

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