Published On: Wed, Jan 8th, 2020

President Trump announces no soldiers injured and new deal must be struck with Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump made his first press statement after Iran’s attack on U.S. bases in Iraq to retaliate the U.S. attack in Iraq that killed Iranian commander General Soleimani. Down below are the line heads from Donald Trump’s remarks;

U.S. forces are ready for anything and that’s a positive thing for all interested parties. No U.S. citizens have lost their lives and necessary measures have been taken. I commend the bravery of women and soldiers in U.S. uniforms. Thanks to early warning, there were no casualties.

We have eliminated the world’s most important terrorist. Soleimani was responsible for the worst war crimes. He should have been killed long ago. We will respond directly to Iran’s attack and impose economic sanctions until Iran changes its stance.

Iran lost its balance after the nuclear deal. We need to make a new deal with Iran and make the world safe. Iran must end its support for terrorism. If Iran continues to escalate violence this way, terrorist activities will not be condoned and further steps will not be allowed. I will apply to NATO and NATO should be more involved in the Middle East process. We don’t need Middle Eastern oil. The U.S. military is stronger than ever.

Our opinion: Trump seems to be willing to decline the tension between the two countries which is to the advantage of the whole world and Turkey, it goes without saying. Because if a war between Iran and the USA started this would have a serious negative impact on Turkey’ economy – which is already going through a tough period.

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