Published On: Sun, Dec 24th, 2017

Turkish exporters are confident to exceed USD 169 million, all-time record in 2018

A port in Turkey –

Turkish exporters believe their exports will exceed USD 169 billion in  2018 (targeted in OVP, Medium Term Plan of the government) breaking an all-time record. Despite several difficulties in economy and politics (to include those on international arena) Turkey does not seem to have slowed down judging on economic indicators.

Needless to say the support extended by the government to make up for lost opportunities and times due to last year’s failed coup attempt and crisis with Russia etc. has helped to accelerate economy once again in 2017 which was declared as “a year of breakthrough” for export and stability with a road map to overcome the targets set.

The good part is the government stuck to its engagement to support exporters and focused on their needs which served exporters in a vital manner to recover from any difficulties to slow them down. This certainly had a reflection in terms of an economic performance to surpass expectations.

It is reported that the first target in the Medium Term Program (OVP) for exports in 2017 was USD 153.3 billion and due to a performance better than expectations this figure was eventually revised to USD 156.5 billion in September. As it looks now the final figure expected by year end is about USD 157 billion.

The good news is Turkish exporters forecast they will realize even a better performance in 2018 with an export figure of over USD 169 billion.

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