Published On: Sat, Jul 22nd, 2017

Turkish goods come to Qatar’s help to cope with embargo by some states in the region

Qatar, the target of political and economic sanctions of some countries in the region lately, had to prefer Turkish goods for basic food needs which in return had a positive reflection on Turkish exports to this country. Exports to Qatar went up to 53.5 million dollars in June which corresponds to 51.5 percent increase (when sanctions began) as compared to previous month.

The sanctions imposed on Qatar since the beginning of June and the rapprochement between Turkey and this country to follow, accelerated trade relations between two countries. While many official visits from Qatar to Turkey were realized in the recent period, growing relations had positive reflections on foreign trade figures.

According to figures provided by the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Turkey’s exports to Qatar in June, (when sanctions began) rose by 51.5 percent to 53.5 million dollars compared to the previous month.

Export figures of food products such as were observed to be standing out in specific among all exports to Qatar. The sales of fresh fruits and vegetables to this country for instance increased by 32.5 times from 30 thousand to 975 thousand dollars while exports of aquatic products and animal products increased by about 10 times, from 1 million 306 thousand dolars to 13 million 6 thousand dolars.

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