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Published On: Wed, May 6th, 2020

A quick review of Turkey’s tourism sector and prospects after covid-19 epidemic

Turkey’s tourism sector, which closed the 2016-2018 period with huge losses due to the Russia crisis and terror attacks, is facing one of the biggest crises in history in 2020 as it enters with its best year target after the big record in 2019. The sector which lost more than 50 percent of revenue and occupancy in March is estimated to be nearing zero point in April and May. Although the sector cannot make a forecast regarding the extent of the damage and for real normalization, it targets season opening in the summer period even if for a short-term.

Noting that they expect the first steps in tourism to come in mid-June, experts think it will be best to give a break to open-buffet services at hotels, together with improved hygiene. However same professional suggest establishments to continue with the all-inclusive system.

They also note that the future of the sector still of great uncertainty, will be determined by the course of the epidemic and that the sector needs new channels of support.

The same experts point out that one of the most important issues after corona would be cost increases and sales pricing. They note that the hotels have begun to prepare for the day public authorities say “you can leave home now” and add following:

“Within the framework of the measures that can be taken regarding the outbreak of Corona virus, we have a recommendation for removing the open buffet at the breakfast, lunch and dinner service at the member hotels and for the application of “breakfast plate and set menu”. But of course there will be no such thing as a complete abolition in the later periods. In particular, food and beverage services and presentations will be arranged according to the decisions to be taken by the relevant health authorities. After the opening of our hotels, we think there will be a lot of change in sales and marketing activities.”

Said professionals state that the concept of “all inclusive” which has been discussed for some time and constitutes the basic bar of Turkish tourism, will continue to be applied in the same way after the outbreak adding “It is a well-known fact that Turkey is the country that best applies the all- inclusive holiday concept in the world under high standards and hygiene conditions. This is our significant competitive advantage. Turkey will continue to implement the “all-inclusive” holiday concept.

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