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Published On: Sat, Sep 26th, 2020

Balloon tourism scheduled to begin at Gobeklitepe of Turkey, zero point in history

A promotional flight of balloon tours was realized at GOBEKLITEPE by SANLIURFA Governorate, Metropolitan Municipality, district municipalities and Tourism Development of SANLIURFA for the promotion of such tours to be launched in the area.

EZEL Aviation and Tourism Company which has been doing preparatory work in the region for some time and evaluating meteorological data, has heralded news of starting commercial flights at GOBEKLTEPE with balloons rising to the sky with the first lights of the day.

The group that rode balloons filled with hot air after the preparations started before sunrise, watched the sunrise and SANLIURFA from GOBEKLITEPE. Commercial flights will begin about twenty days later, the statement said after the flight, which lasted about half an hour and ended safely.

Bilge Ezel, the owner of a company that has been performing tourist balloon flights in Cappadocia for more than thirty years, said that GOBEKLITEPE was a very important place in terms of human history. He added that the place had attracted people from many parts of the world with its mystical environment and high energy. The owner said they had already started to receive booking applications for rides at GOBEKLITEPE and he thought Cappadocia would be the second largest center in Turkey for balloon tourism.

The mayor who participated in the flight taking place in the skies of Sanliurfa with a balloon, said that GOBEKLITEPE, the zero point of history and was accepted as the spot where prophet Adam descended from the sky.

He voiced that balloon flight was a separate beauty and the first attempt was made to be followed by many balloon tours. He added that the momentum that will start with the balloons would also mobilize and strengthen other sectors of tourism/

The mayor also stated that more different balloon-related events were planned in the coming period, world-famous balloonists would come to SANLIURFA and a balloon festival would be held.

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