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Published On: Sat, Sep 26th, 2020

United States threatens Turkey over its cooperation with Chinese telecom companies

The United States continues to make moves against China and Russia to maintain its hegemonic power in the global sphere. The steps taken by Turkey to improve economic and military relations with these two countries have also been the target of US reactions and threats.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who gad used threatening statements aimed at Turkey over the TURKAKIM project in July, continued his threats over Chinese telecom companies the previous day.

The most important company in the US-led trade war against China is telecommunications giant Huawei, a leader in the 5G infrastructure and smartphone market.

The White House Administration, which has taken tough measures against Huawei’s activities in the U.S. market, wants its ally countries to take the same measures.  White House does not refrain from threatening allied countries.

In this regard, the last target of the United States was Turkey. “Turkey’s growing dependence on Huawei and other Chinese companies could negatively affect its military cooperation with the United States,” Pompeo, the foreign minister, warned the day before.

Pompeo also said, “We need to make sure that our communications networks, defense and security networks are secure. Not only military and security communication networks will be affected by Huawei’s growing activity inside Turkey or elsewhere. We will ensure that US data is protected.”

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