Published On: Wed, Sep 16th, 2020

CHP leader calls on government with 14 item memorandum on education issue in Turkey

At a press conference at party headquarters, CHP leader Kemal KILICDAROGLU has called on the government with a 14 item memorandum on the education process, during the corona outbreak.

Republican People’s Party Chairman made a press release at the CHP headquarters. He delivered a speech to cover following:

“Education policies have changed from Minister to Minister. Education policies were formed based on a person’s point of view. No mother and father are happy with the education system, no matter what party they are from. The example that fundamentally shook the education system was 4+4+4 application.

Was this discussed in the National Education Council when the system was introduced? No. Was there such a goal in the development plans? No. Was it discussed at the ministry? No. Was it discussed in the Cabinet? No. A law proposal was given by 4 AK Party deputies who signed it. None of them were educators. 5 people who did not know about education set an education policy.”

Those who are in good condition send their children to private schools, those who are not in good condition send them to public schools. There is an extraordinary picture of inequality in education.”

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