Published On: Wed, Sep 16th, 2020

Are balances changing in Middle East as Israel gets ahead of Turkey in Arab world?

It is observed that “the United Arab Emirates – Israel agreement”, a new step very likely to push Turkey towards more loneliness in the Middle East, has had great repercussions in the Arab and Western worlds.

The UAE has become the third Arab country to conclude a “normalization agreement” with Israel, after Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994. An important aspect of this agreement is that the UAE, as “an Arab country that has not yet entered into a military struggle with Israel” has signed the agreement.

The United Arab Emirates – Israel agreement, a new step that pushes Turkey towards loneliness in the Middle East, has caused an important reaction in the Arab and Western worlds.

Egypt and Bahrain were the first Arab countries to support the agreement; they congratulated the signatory countries. Turkey reacted harshly to the agreement. Foreign Ministry said in a statement, “The UAE is trying to make secret plans over the US plan, which has no validity and thus ignoring the will of Palestine”.

EVALUATION OF BTT: Obviously, the USA is staging new plans (at least that we did not know before) to divide the Arab world (which has always been ready to be split into pieces throughout history) and get them to ally with Israel one by one. The plan’s final target is to put Israel in a much stronger position as compared to current situation to leave countries like Iran, Syria and certainly Turkey (to be most important of all) out of the game in the Middle East. This plan could work out on one condition mainly: On condition the Arabs could betray their fellow Arabs in the region and the cause of Palestine, partnering up with Israel – an all time enemy of Arab world for ages. Obviously they have not failed Trump (and administration) who has been well aware of this weakness of character. To recap, it seems that plans of the US are running in the right direction and Turkey most importantly stands the risk of being  isolated and stripped of all its influence in the region.

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