Published On: Wed, Oct 12th, 2016

CHP’s application to revoke statutory decree rejected by Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court has rejected the application of Republican People’s Party (CHP) to revoke the second Statutory Decree (KHK) on ground of non-jurisdiction. The court did not review the application on its material basis. In accordance with the second Statutory Decree in State of Emergency, 684 soldiers were  dismissed from Turkish Armed Forces. Three media agencies, 16 TV and 23 Radio channels, 45 newspapers, 15 magazines/journals as well as 29 publishing houses and distribution channels were closed.

By rejecting the application, the court referred to Article 148 of the Constitution which provided that no application can be made to the Constitutional Court claiming the material and procedural non-conformity of the provisions in statutory decrees issued in state of emergencies, state of siege and war. The President of the Constitutional Court  Zühtü Arslan has stated that the State of Emergency was not a state of  unlawfulness and the measures to be taken during this time were designated in accordance with the law.

CHP Group Deputy Chairperson Levent Gök as to the rejection of the application by the court stated that they did not know the reason for the decision of rejection.


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