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Cihangir.. A most suitable place to live in Istanbul for foreigners & expatriates

Cihangir.. One of the most suitable places to live (spend time) in Istanbul for foreigners & ex-patriates

Cihangir.. A most suitable place to live in Istanbul for foreigners & expatriates …

Istanbul is a World megapole, it goes without saying and it is most likely among the front runners.. The city has been the capital for three great empires throughout history and accumulated so much to offer visitors passing by..

CIHANGIROn the other hand in parallel to the challenge of a giant city with enormous population to keep up with modern times the look of the city has unfortunately had to go through a substantial change in time, making it a megapole with a monsterous transportation system, bars, cafes, cinemas, roads and bridges and everything..Thus it might not be very easy to catch a glimpse of Istanbul from the old times as you stroll along the streets, in many districts.. However there are still some spots like Cihangir that make it all seem worthwhile, to visit and spend time..

Cihangir is a neighborhood of Beyoğlu district that has long been rewarded the title “one of the best places to live in Istanbul” by foreigners and ex-patriates, in specific…

This is a district where you can feel the authenticity with a breeze from the earlier times of the republic (and the late times of Ottoman Empire actually).. Buildings and streets are very unique – on the contrary to many spoiled districts of Istanbul.. The place has many narrow streets, a park, and street cafes..

As you wander along the streets in the vicinity you will walk past woodturning workshops, button warehouses and old ice-cream parlors, bookshops. You will notice the place feels old and ancient and unretired..

Before the establishment of the Republic (Ottoman era) many Europeans acquired property at Cihangir, causing some considerable residential development in the neighborhood. With the befginning of 1930s, non-Muslims residing at Cihangir (and many at  Beyoğlu) left or were forced out (unfortunately).

To replace them, Muslims from other Istanbul neighborhoods and migrants from eastern Turkey settled down in the district which certainly lead to a transformation in the character of the neighborhood. In the end, Cihangir became known as a neighborhood where Anatolian migrants lived alongside artists and intellectuals.

Still however, it is an entertaining and sociable place with a lot of attraction and dining facilities and culture events in the direct surroundings such as Beyoğlu.. (compiled 29.01.2012, UPDATED 01 APRIL 2018)

(Taksim is the heart of Istanbul and you can go to Cihangir past Taksim..)
THANKS TO İstanbul Old City TV for the beautiful video 🙂

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