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Published On: Tue, Sep 22nd, 2020

Experts say the way to protect Lake Salda is to keep it away from mass tourism

Salda Lake Special Environmental Protection Zone 1/25000 scale zoning plan was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. Burdur Governor’s office, which made a statement about the plan, announced that the natural state of Salda Lake would be protected with the approved plan, while President of the Salda Lake Conservation Association, said the National Garden Project in Salda Lake continues at full throttle, and the surrounding villages are also opened for construction with the approved zoning plan.

President of the Salda Lake Conservation Association said, “The statement says that there is no change in the villages of ISIKLAR, DUDEN, NIYAZLAR and KARATLI, which are far from the lake, and that structures suitable for sparse rural settlement can be made there, such as before the declaration of a special Environmental Protection Area. Salda, Doğanbaba villages and Kayadibi district are separated from them. Structures such as hotel, motel, hostel etc. will be built in Salda, Doganbaba villages and Kayadibi neighborhood.”

On the other hand deputy chairman of the CHP responsible for Nature Rights reacted to the zoning plan and said “their focus is not on how we protect Salda, but it’s how we use it. In order for the Salda Lake to be protected, it must be kept away from mass tourism. However, current plans are aimed at further structuring this area. It means nothing but an invitation to pollution and destruction that Lake Salda can’t handle.”

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