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Published On: Tue, Sep 22nd, 2020

Member of Scientific Council says new regional restrictions may come in Turkey

Member of the Scientific Council Prof. Dr. Murat GUNDUZ has noted that regional restrictions may come in Turkey. The Professor who said the number of cases was increasing in certain cities and decreasing in some others, noted that regional restrictions could be imposed on cities where the number of cases was increasing. The member of Scientific Council also said, “The proportion of young people being treated in intensive care has increased to 25 per cent.”

Murat GUNDUZ, who pointed out that young people who thought “nothing will happen to us” began to contract the epidemic more often and the rates of treatment of young patients in intensive care increased to 25 percent. He also emphasized that after normalization, the number of severe cases observed at very low rates had begun to increase.

He said, “We see that older people pay more attention to themselves in this process. So unfortunately, young people fill the intensive care area left by the elderly. In addition, patients under the age of 50 can now become heavy enough to undergo intensive care treatment.”

The professor drew attention to the point that although the number of cases had decreased in certain cities, it had increased in certain other cities. As a precaution to this situation Prof Murat Gündüz said that regional restrictions might be introduced. He stressed that it was necessary to learn to live with the virus until the vaccine was found, and warned that activities such as celebrations and condolences should be avoided with overcrowding.

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