Published On: Mon, Sep 14th, 2020

Istanbul governorship prepares to shift working hours to reduce transport intensity

As part of the fight against the epidemic, the Istanbul Governor’s office has decided to take action to reduce the intensity of public transport. The governor’s office is preparing a new working hour application, including public and private institutions.

Ankara was the first province to take action to regulate working hours due to the corona virus outbreak. In Ankara, some changes were made to the working hours of public institutions and 4 different time zones were set.

In Istanbul, where 16 million people live, the governor’s office has also started working to cope with the problem. In order to reduce the intensity of people, especially in the morning commute hours and evening commute hours, the governor’s office is conducting a study to re-determine working hours and divide them into various time zones. The study in Istanbul covers both the public and private sectors. Meetings were held with the chambers of industry, trade and trades, especially with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.


It is reported that Istanbul Governor’s Transportation Science Board Chairman Prof. ILICALI has made following suggestions in this regard.

“Due to the Corona virus, passengers are allowed up to 1/3 standing. That’s no more than 600 thousand passengers a day for Metrobus. It’s already 550 thousand currently. Despite this, the crowd forms at what we call the peak hour. 10 percent of 550 thousand passengers that commute in the morning use transportation between 08.00-09.00 and 10 percent who return home between17.00-18.00.

Istanbul has 10 districts that generate more traffic. There’s not intense traffic everywhere. At least if we set the hours of public and private business in these 10 districts, we will remove this peak hour pressure. Otherwise, even if you put additional services to the Metrobus, the system will not work. Accidents may happen if the tracking range decreases thoroughly. In the mentioned places, it is necessary to spread working hours. If you take their working hours 1 hour forward and 1 hour back, this time the traffic occurs at 07.00, not at 08.00 in the morning. By calculating the workplaces in the districts that form a significant density, you can extend the grading to 4 hours and reduce the density. The governor’s office will also coordinate this.

My personal suggestion is especially in the 20 districts with intense traffic working hours should be divided into 4 groups such as (07.00-14.00), (08.00-15.00), (09.00-16.00), (10.00-17.00) and then an hour could be compensated from home. Thus, peaks of 50,000 journeys would fall to 20 thousand.

Facilities that employ a large number of employees using public transport could be divided into 4 groups and overtime continuity is ensured. This proposal leads each employer to its own grouping without doing detailed work”.

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