Published On: Sun, Sep 13th, 2020

Minister announces number of casualties and cases caused by Corona for September 13

Current corona data in Turkey has been announced by Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, who has stated that 57 people have died due to the virus today.

Health Minister Koca shared current data about the corona virus, the first case of which had been seen in Turkey on March 11, on his social media account. 57 people have died due to Corona today, while the total number of cases in Turkey has increased to 291 thousand 162 and the total number of deaths has increased to 7 thousand 56.

According to current data, 1,102 people have recovered from the virus. Thus, the total number of recovered people has increased to 258,833. The number of severe patients was 267 thousand, while the rate of pneumonia in patients was 7.2 percent.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca who made a statement on his social media account, said, “The virus separates our loved ones from us. It is the struggle in unity and togetherness that will stop it. Let’s get united in applying the measures. Let’s not give the virus an opportunity”.

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