Published On: Tue, Nov 10th, 2020

Leaders who have not yet congratulated Biden: Erdogan, Putin and  Xi Jinping

Joe Biden overtook Trump in both the number of delegates sent to the Board of selectors and the popular vote during the difficult election process in the United States and received congratulation messages from many country leaders. However, President Erdogan was not among such leaders and this was on the agenda of the international community.

Although Trump announced a few times that he would contest the results of the polls, announcing that the election was rigged, many countries have already begun to congratulate Biden.

While French President Macron, British Prime Minister Johnson, German Chancellor Merkel and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg and even Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu sent their messages to Biden, leaders of countries such as Turkey, Russia, North Korea, China, Brazil and Mexico, I have not yet taken this action.

It is a known fact that ERDOGAN and TRUMP had established a relation that enabled them to understand each other (although awkward at times due to Trump’s unusual messages) and it seems like the Turkish Administration has not been very happy with Biden’s victory.

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