Published On: Sun, Sep 6th, 2020

Main opposition leader makes statements regarding presidential candidates for 2023

CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu making a speech

Kemal KILICDAROGLU, leader of CHP party which is the main opposition in Turkey has made important statements regarding eventual presidential candidates for 2023. Some of the statements made by CHP leader are as follows:

“Elections are to be held in 2023. If the elections are going to be on this date, is there a need to debate who will be the presidential candidate? If you downgrade the discussion to a personal base, you may have togive up the principles. The important things is “Will your principles be accepted or not?”

We want to return to the democratic parliamentary system, we want a consistent balance between legislation and execution. Now, we are putting them aside and discussing “who will be the candidate for President”?  We find this discussion absurd. First, we must agree on the principles.

These discussions are artificial, directed by the government. Turkey should return to the economy, which is its real agenda. When Abdullah Gul’s name is mentioned, they are afraid, why are you afraid?  This is not something to discuss. Let’s sit down and discuss it if the election is in the next 4 months. Both Erdogan and Bahçeli say that elections will be held on time. Then we’ll wait.

While we wait, we have to discuss what to do. Discussion on a person basis is not correct. We cannot ignore the alliance (Nation’s Alliance with Good Party) and nominate candidates”.

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