Published On: Tue, Sep 15th, 2020

Some survey results show living conditions of 63.4 percent of Turks deteriorated

Mr. Ozer Sencar, owner of Metropoll research company has, shared the latest research via his social media account Twitter. According to the results of the research, living conditions of4 percent of the society have deteriorated. The poll, conducted in August, found that the proportion of voters who said their welfare level had improved over the past year stood at 9 percent, while the proportion who said it had deteriorated was 63.4 percent.

The proportion of those who said their level of well-being had not changed was 27.4 per cent, while those who did not express an opinion remained at 0.3 per cent. Looking at responses by party voted in the 2018 election, those who voted for the AKP were the group with the most revenue growth.

16 per cent of those who voted for the AKP said their welfare level had improved, followed by those from the MHP with 7.1 per cent. 46.2 percent of AKP voters said his condition had deteriorated, while 81.4 percent of CHP voters said his welfare level had decreased.

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