Published On: Thu, Dec 26th, 2019

Libya’s National Reconciliation Government requests military support from Turkey

Reuters News Agency has reported that Libya’s National Reconciliation Government has requested air, land and sea support from Turkey’s military. While the countries that oppose the agreement between Turkey and Libya on the sea borders made a number of statements in recent weeks, President ERDOGAN made a statement on Libya today.

Erdogan said: “The approval process for the agreement between Turkey and Libya have been completed and come into force. We have registered our map of the maritime jurisdiction with the UN. As soon as our parliament is opened, we will submit the motion to send troops. We will pass this motion at the parliament and respond to the invitation. We will respond positively to the invitation from the legitimate government of Libya. We will give every support to the Tripoli administration, which is fighting against the coup d’etat general supported by various European and Arab countries.”

Erdogan’s statements were on the agenda of the international public. While respected media outlets and news channels from France, Hungary, the US, Italy and Austria made headlines over Erdogan’s remarks, the International news agency Reuters announced at the last minute that Libya had asked Turkey for troops.

Based on said news by Reuters , the National Reconciliation Government announced that it had requested military support from Turkey in three areas: land, air and sea, Reuters news agency reported.

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