Published On: Wed, Oct 23rd, 2019

The historical Kadıköy Bazaar on the Anatolian side of Istanbul

The historical Kadıköy Bazaar on the Anatolian side of Istanbul

The historical bazaar which is one of the most colorful spots of KADIKOY on the Anatolian side provides locals with the opportunity of shopping seven days a week. Thanks to the social and cultural spaces located in the vicinity it attracts all kinds of visitors ranging from cinema lovers to gourmets and bookworms.

In fact one can see many foreign guests wandering around the place, shopping, eating and enjoying the Bazaar almost every hour of the day. All sorts of Turkish cuisine are scattered among the streets, made available in pleasant and beautiful restaurants, suitable for all sorts of taste.

Some of the historical or legend places here are HACI BEKIR (Confectionery Producer) and BAYLAN Patisserie which are sort of monuments on Muvakkithane Street

The garden of Baylan which has been serving cup gray (whipped cream, honey almond, caramel sauce mixed with vanilla and caramel ice cream) and Adisababa (fruits, frozen cream, vanilla and pistachio) Since 1961, is always peaceful.

The history of HACI BEKIR Company on the other hand is particularly noteworthy as it goes back to 1777 when the establisher Bekir Efendi known as Hacı (pilgrim) Bekir opened his first confectionery shop in Bahçekapı and began to personally produce and sell varieties of candies and “LOKUM” what Europeans called Turkish Delight. Today, the products of the company are favored in many foreign countries. HACI BEKIR is also worldwide known for their candies.

Kadikoy Bazaar was always one of the eye-catching spots on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It  is still among the most frequently visited places and continues to write a special story with a unique audience where traditional and new are intertwined.

It is forecasted that more than 300 small businesses are active in the area. It is almost possible to feel a common spirit radiated in the whole bazaar.

There are also theaters, cinemas and sports areas in the ​​influence of the bazaar that extend hands to Altıyol, Bahariye Street and Moda neighborhoods which could be considered as part of this area.

As for kinds of businesses in the bazaar, you just name it… There are bookstores, fishmongers, antique dealers, delicatessen, spice and pickle shops, used books shops and certainly eating places, not to forget shops in street of antique dealers.

Continuing on the same street, one can see the crocodile statue, at the square. History and the culture of living together are among the most decisive factors of the common spirit in the region. The neighboring religious structures with their 400 years of history are the clearest proof of this. The Osmanağa Mosque is like the north-facing gate of the bazaar. When you first enter the square you come across the Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church. In another square, one can see the Armenian Church which was opened under the name of Surp Asdvadzadzin, now known as Surp Takavor.

To cut a long story short, there is so much to explore, see, buy and taste at KADIKOY BAZAAR. It is definitely worth paying a visit (to be followed by many more, for sure).

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