Published On: Sat, Aug 1st, 2020

The Roman-era bridge over the Çekerek River in Tokat, Turkey is still in use

The Roman-built bridge over the Çekerek River in the sulusaray District of Tokat is in active use in the district today. The  bridge whose foundation is suggested to date back to ancient times, is actively used by the local people. The bridge whose exact date of construction is unknown and which like other ruins in the district, dates from the Roman period, is notable for its slightly uphill architecture from both banks to the great arch.

The round, six-arch bridge has two arched eyes in the middle, separated by its wider and higher structure than the others. The bridge which was known as Sebastapolis at the time of its construction and is today named Sulusaray Bridge, is in use by the people of the district.

The Mayor of Sulusaray has noted that the historic bridge dated from the Roman period, adding “the historic bridge was built at the time of the ancient city of Sebastapolis and in a period of strong commercial relations.

In 2006, it was restored by “highways and bridges” state department and it is still in use.

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