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Published On: Tue, Sep 29th, 2020

Tourist finds himself on trial for his negative comments posted about hotel he stays in

Foreign tourists heading to the South Asian country of Thailand now have to think twice before posting negative reviews on travel and hotel rating platforms such as Tripadvisor. An American tourist is being tried on “defamation charges” over a negative comment he wrote.

The tourist named Wesley Barnes, who was on holiday in Thailand, wrote in a comment on the Tripadvisor site that he was not happy with the hotel he stayed in. The American tourist commented that the staff were “unkind “and behaved” as if they didn’t want to see anyone” etc.

But the owners of the Sea View Resort Hotel sued Barnes for defamation, claiming the comment did not reflect the facts. According to Euronews, The American tourist could face a maximum of two years in prison and a $ 6,300 fine if found guilty.

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