Published On: Sat, Mar 30th, 2019

Will the conflict between Pakistan and India go as far as the use of nuclear weapons?

It is not secret that India and Pakistan are developing countries that have not yet reached the level of prosperity. These two countries have experienced serious conflicts in the past as well.

At this point one cannot help thinking, “Why would two neighbor countries struggling to develop their economies fight each other that would bring unbearable costs for both – instead of spending all their resources for the wealth of their peoples?”

Well, in reply to this question we could ask “Why do such things hardly happen among developed countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark etc.?”

The answer would be “It certainly has to do with level of development (not meaning economic, only) and civilization. Also the interest and involvement of imperialistic powers in the affairs of such developing (and underdeveloped) countries to exploit their resources and expand their dominance in the region could be seen major factors to cause such undesired events”.

In any case this conflict between India and Pakistan is not the only one constituting a threat for the world peace when we recall the Syria conflict which is still on the agenda of the world.

As for the crisis between India and Pakistan the delicate issue is both countries are known to be in possession of nuclear weapons. Although it would not be very realistic to think any of the two countries could easily start a nuclear clash between them the world will not be feeling comfortable unless concerned conflict between these two countries is resolved in a consistent manner.

Air-raids and downed planes, bombed civilians etc. is no way to bring a peaceful solution to the problem. The two countries must sit down at the table and try to find a fair middle way that will not be against the benefit of either country.

All in all we believe this tension between concerned countries might need to be attended to by world superpowers such as China which the nearest country (in fact neighbors) in the region and others such as Russia, the United States and even Japan.

After all, India and Pakistan should not forget they have to live together in the same part of the world forever.

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