Published On: Mon, Nov 19th, 2018

Arnavutköy on the Bosphorus, one of the best places to live in Istanbul

The BOSPHORUS is the most beautiful and charming part of Istanbul. There are neighborhoods in Istanbul where the old and new mansions are in total harmony with the sea and life flows fast; ARNAVUTKOY is certainly one of them.

At ARNAVUTKOY the two sides of the Bosphorus are very close to each other and the smell of history is mixed with the smell of the sea.

As you climb up the narrow streets, you feel the memories of the neighborhood come with you. Hestia is known to be the first name of the 1500-year-old district that descends from the hill to the sea. Arnavut means “Albanian” and ARNAVUTKOY means Albanian village which is supposed to be the name given to the neighborhood due to Albanians settled here in 16th century.

At the weekends, the residents gradually start to adapt themselves to the coming spring. As the crowd grows, you can see more movements along the streets with people in cafes and bakeries. The neighborhood is almost always alive. There is a small park, as well where people have coffee or tea or else eat their fish sandwiches from famous ADEM Fish restaurant, for instance. Another popular restaurant is called Köfteci (Meat Balls) Ali Baba with full tables towards noon, in particular.

ARNAVUTKOY is the place on the Bosphorus with deepest water and strongest stream. When the French naturalist Petrus Gyllius came to Akıntıburnu to do his research many years ago, he was so impressed by the city that he prepared two books on Istanbul. And he shared this famous saying:, “All other cities are mortal, but I think Istanbul, will live long as humans exist”.

At ARNAVUTKOY streets and houses are very unique and famous.  There were many people of Greek origin living here a long while ago. One of the places to see is the Greek Orthodox Taxiary Church on Sales Square Street. Also you can find many art galleries here with people hungry for art working inside. The neighborhood has many famous houses.

Due to the fires, Arnavutköy lost its original authentic appearance a little. Thanks God, with its restored wooden houses, re-opened cafes and galleries it is still one of the most authentic and attractive places to live in Istanbul, no doubt … and for foreigners in particular.

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