Published On: Fri, Jul 31st, 2020

As it keeps getting warmer psychologists warn extreme heat disrupts psychology

The weather has got real warm nowadays. Having to live with a mask on our face has become more difficult to sustain. Psychologists warn that extreme temperatures therefore will most likely make us feel even more depressing these days. They say, “factors such as weather, if it is too sunny or cloudy” affect our psychology deeply as well as factors such as how we live, how long we sleep or what we eat.

In fact, based on many scientific studies, extreme hot weather triggers suicide and depression, and the rate of crime in the community increases during hot weather.

Hot weather causes issues such as “reluctance, extreme fatigue sensation, intolerance or quick temper. Besides its effect on our daily work, the heat and humidity negatively affect the quality and duration of our sleep. Insomnia due to the overwhelming heat causes the person to experience low productivity and attention problems at work during the day. These irregularities in the consecutive sleep cycle may also significantly decrease a person’s quality of life. The person carries the fatigue of yesterday to the next day with the effect of insomnia in his daily life and becomes more impatient, more reluctant. This is said to be a problem that affects not only our relationship with ourselves, but also our relationship with our environment, and is reflected in our relationships in our social life.

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