Published On: Wed, Nov 13th, 2019

Imamoglu, the mayor of Istanbul receives IAPC’s 2019 Medal of Democracy

International Political Advisors Association has given IAPC’s 2019 Medal of Democracy to Ekrem Imamoğlu, mayor of Istanbul. For the first time in its 37-year history, the medal was awarded to a mayor.

The Democracy Medal of the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC) was given to Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). This is the first time an award has gone to a mayor, in the 37 year history of said association. The first medal was given in 1982.

It is reported Imamoğlu received the medal on accounts of the language of peace he used in the March 31 and June 23 elections and his democratic attitude. Imamoglu, who set himself the goal of becoming the most democratic mayor in the world, was described by IAPC members as “encouraging democracy, contributing to the spread of democratic thought” and courageously contributing to the development of democratic values.

Emrah Sahan, a member of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Deputy Mayor of Sisli, received the award at the 52nd World Conference held in Vienna, Austria In the absence of President Imamoglu. The 2019 Medal of Democracy will be presented to the President of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality by the IAPC award committee in a ceremony to be held in Istanbul in the coming weeks.

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