Published On: Wed, Nov 13th, 2019

Turkish construction companies target larger share in Qatar’s construction market

Turkish construction companies target larger share in Qatar’s construction market

As is known, both political and economic relations between Turkey and Qatar are already at a pretty good level. On the other hand, Qatar is a country that allocates a large amount of funds for infrastructure projects as well as residential and touristic complexes. Turkish companies are aware of this fact and would certainly like to improve their share in this fertile market.

In Qatar, where comprehensive infrastructure and superstructure programs have been implemented within the framework of 2030 vision, the existing infrastructure is being updated and the missing infrastructure in some regions is being completed.

According to industry experts in Qatar, the products of Turkish construction material manufacturers have been preferred since February 2018. Many companies attribute importance to this in their projects. Normally a 3-week registration and approval process is required to sell goods to Qatar. On the other hand it is also noted that Qatar’s authority is working to make Turkish companies register faster.

A total of US$ 36 billion worth projects are expected to be realized in Qatar for the period 2020-2024. The amount to be used for the construction and rehabilitation of local roads totals up to US$ 17 billion, while US$ 8 billion portion of the total amount is expected to be used for the construction of highways.

On the other hand, the local authority also invites Turkish contracting, consulting and construction material manufacturers to Qatar and wants Turkish companies to have a higher share in Qatar market.

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