Published On: Tue, Nov 12th, 2019

President Erdoğan goes to USA to talk to President Trump in person over Syria issue

Turkey has to cope with worst problems in its history concerning foreign affairs

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, United States (US) President Donald Trump is going to the United States at the invitation of President Trump. Erdogan is expected to hold face-to–face talks with Trump while delegations from both countries get together as well.

Erdoğan’s visit to the States will be on 12-13 November and cover many issues between two countries, Syria and the sanctions US plans to implement against Turkey to be in the first place.

According to the statement issued by Turkey, during talks bilateral relations between the US and Turkeywill be discussed with all dimensions. The talks will focus on tackling regional and global issues, particularly Syria, as well as concrete steps to strengthen solidarity, cooperation and coordination in the fight against all forms of terrorism.

On the other hand, President Erdoğan will also address business people at a meeting hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce. Moreover Erdoğan is expected to pay a visit to the American Religious Center in Maryland and come together with Turkish citizens, Turkey originated Americans and Muslim community representatives.

As it has been on the agenda recently, relations between Turkey and the USA are in a critical situation and the two countries have different concerns having to do with their benefits and some risks. While the USA is rather concerned about how to keep the oil resources (to itself) in the region, Turkey is concerned about an eventual establishment of a Kurdish state next to its southern border. To prevent this Turkey strictly objects the support the US provides the YPG, pro-Kurdish group defined as terrorist by Turkey because it is known to be an extension of PKK (a terrorist group in Turkey).

The issue seems to be a deadlock situation and it will no doubt take much of an effort and understanding, mutually.

Obviously Turkey in particular will be awaiting the results to be obtained from this meeting and talks and no doubt the results will have an impact on several things in this country to even include the rate of TL to US dollar.

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