Published On: Tue, Nov 10th, 2020

New Treasury and Finance Minister Elvan shares statement about his economy program

Treasury and Finance Minister Lutfi Elvan was sworn in at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Minister Elvan said that the basis of economic policy is to ensure the design and implementation of transparent, predictable, accountable policies in accordance with international norms in order to increase growth and employment.

Elvan said, “Turkey has a tradition of a market economy which functions according to rules. The important thing is to strengthen institutions, to operate the rules effectively. In this context, we will act with a consultation-based, participatory approach, taking the contribution of all interested parties in the policies we will create.

In the coming period, we will maintain macroeconomic stability and give new momentum to growth and employment. We will resolutely support the anti-inflation process which we consider as a priority with our fiscal policies and all other tools. We will improve the quality of public financing through realistic risk management while maintaining fiscal discipline.

The necessary steps for the improvement of all aspects such as tax regulations to increase predictability in the investment environment for both local and international entrepreneurs will be taken in cooperation with all relevant parties including civil society organizations.

With the economic policies that we will implement, on the one hand, we will create an environment in which all our citizens generate income, and on the other hand, we will continue to implement our social programs in a human-oriented approach to eliminate the negative effects of Covid-19 in the first place.

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