Published On: Fri, Feb 21st, 2014

Quality Caravan Manufacturers in Turkey

As camping was not the accommodation of choice among Turkish holidaymakers until a short while ago, facilities for this branch of tourism were quite rare.. The situation for Caravan manufacturers in Turkey was not any better as the market was insufficient.

Today however as more and more people become attached to this unique tourism type, the market keeps expanding and one can enjoy many more alternative choices, to include locally produced first class caravans.

Among these manufacturers, there are reputable companies such as BASOGLU CARAVAN, SALY CARAVAN, ERBA KARAVAN & PINO CARAVAN.

BASOGLU is one of the pioneers in the sector and SALY CARAVAN, ERBA KARAVAN have been quite popular as well. PINO Caravan which is a custom-design caravan manufacturer based in Turkey has earned a well-deserved reputation since its establishment in 2009.

The officials of these companies say PINO-SMALLWe aim at combining the free, creative and environment-friendly holiday perception of our customers with a stylish, comfortable and solid caravanning attitude. Within our dynamic team, we adopt the customer contentment and after-sales service as the priority. We aspire to offer the best solutions to all caravans worldwide, and keep caravan’s satisfaction at best.”

“We work with the world’s leading brands across the leisure vehicle industry.

In leisure vehicles category (caravans, pick-up caravans, motorhomes) and in professional usage (office, buffet, storage, sales, wc, etc), our products are developed to ensure the highest safety and quality standards. To accomplish this, we make sure we work with the world’s leading brands across the leisure vehicle industry.

Theses companies have been exporting to some European countries with success and they would certainly like to expand their customer portfolio in Europe as well as the other parts of the world.


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