Salt Cave, an underground salt city in Cankırı where salt was produced for 5000 years

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The CANKIRI SALT CAVE is one of the oldest and largest salt mines in the world where salt has been produced for about 5 thousand years. It is located within the borders of BALIBAĞI village 18 km to the east of CANKIRI. After production of salt for many years 18 thousand m2 section consisting of empty galleries it was taken over by Special Provincial Administration in 2013 thanks to the consent of the operating company and renovation works started for tourism purposes.

After the Tuz cave was transferred to Çankırı municipality, it was temporarily opened to visitors upon the intense demand from the citizens by a thorough cleaning and partial lighting. Transportation to the cave is provided by the 13 km village road and the 5 km connection road (declared tourism road). Salt cave welcomes over 10 thousand visitors per month.

People visiting the cave see the salt sculptures made at the “Orhun Monuments Salt Workshop” organized by Çankırı municipality with the participation of famous sculptors from Turkish Republics and some European countries.

In addition, sculptures made by students of Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Sculpture department can be seen. Also exhibition called “Weaving CANKIRI” prepared by students of Çankırı Fine Arts Faculty textile department can be viewed.

The cave also attracts visitors with fish artifacts made from carob and human face exhibits from sunflowers. The healing aspect of Salt Cave, which is known to be good for many diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, is also of great interest.

The Municipality’s efforts to introduce this spot to world tourism as an “Underground Salt City” are continuing. In the entrance section, one can see the administrative building where there are sections such as information, toilet, cafeteria etc.