The latest poll results from Eurasia Survey company: CHP overtakes AK Party, not good news for MHP

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The latest survey about next election to come (2023 latest) has been conducted and announced by AVRASYA Research Company. According to results thus obtained, the CHP (main opposition party) has increased its vote to 30.4 percent, while AK Party seems to have fallen down to 27.6 percent. Moreover, in a presidential election to be held today, major candidates facing Erdogan, are observed to be winning.

AVRASYA Research Company has announced the results of the election poll, which it conducted from November 27 to December 3. The research was carried out with the participation of 1260 people in 26 provinces. According to the study, undecided votes decreased, the votes of undecided voters were transferred to opposition parties.

Some questions asked in the survey and results obtained are as follows:

“Do you think there is an economic crisis?”

I think there is a serious economic crisis: 71 percent
I think there is a temporary economic deterioration: 15.9 percent
I don’t think there is an economic crisis: 1.4 percent
I don’t know: 11.7 Percent

“Do you believe that the current government can end the economic crisis?”

No it cannot: 72.1 percent
Yes I believe it can: 14.3 percent
No idea: 13.6 percent

“Which ones do you think have a high share (responsibility) in the current economic situation?”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: 84.2 percent
AKP: 73.2 Percent
Cumhur Alliance: 70.1 Percent
Devlet Bahçeli: 70.4 Percent
MHP: 67.8 Percent
Kemal Kilicdaroglu: 15.4 percent
CHP: 13.23 Percent
National Alliance: 9.1 Percent
Meral Aksener: 8.1 Percent
Other: 13 percent

“Do you think that President Erdoğan is managing the economy well or is he managing it badly?”

Managing badly: 80.3 percent
Managing well: 12.3 percent
Manages neither good nor bad: 8.5 percent

“Do you think an early election should be held?”

Yes: 67.5 Percent
No: 22.8 Percent
Undecided: 9.7 Percent

“Which party do you intend to vote for in case of an early election?”


CHP: 30.4 Percent
AKP: 27.6 Percent
GOOD Party: 12.9 Percent
HDP: 11 Percent
MHP: 6.5 Percent
DEVA: 6 per cent
Future: 2.5 Percent
Felicity: 1.3 per cent
Other: 1.7 Percent

“Will you vote for Tayyip Erdogan if he becomes a candidate for president again?”

Yes: 30.2 Percent
No: 56 Percent
Depends on other candidates: 13.8 percent