Published On: Sat, Oct 27th, 2018

Traffic Teams conduct road traffic control via helicopters in Fethiye, Turkey

It is unfortunately a known fact that drivers in Turkey do not pay attention to traffic rules as they should. Thus many accidents occur every year and many people lose their lives. Especially in the summer months, these accidents are very common in tourism areas.  In order to reduce the number of accidents and help save more lives, officials have now launched a new application in Fethiye, one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey where many foreigners have settled.

Traffic Branch teams under Muğla Provincial Gendarmerie department have started road traffic control operations via helicopters, monitoring the traffic from the air on the Fethiye-Oludeniz (Dead Sea) road.

Based on audits made by officers in helicopters, drivers who did not obey traffic rules or were not wearing seat belts were reported to ground teams at control points. It goes without saying many of the drivers thus stopped by ground teams were unable to hide their astonishment when they learned they had been detected by a helicopter.

Although they were given tickets by the teams most drivers appreciated the fact this practice was for their own good. When some drivers noticed the point of application, they tried to access secondary roads. After the helicopter motorized teams were informed however, these drivers were controlled by motorized teams.

The officials on the ground informed the drivers the purpose was not to give tickets but to ensure they complied with traffic rules for a safe drive so as to reduce number of lives lost in accidents. The teams warned the drivers to wear belts, and not to use mobile phones while driving and to watch for and comply with traffic signs.

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