Published On: Mon, Oct 12th, 2020

Turkey’s KARDEMIR Company starts exporting to Brazil, a South American country

Officials from KARABUK Iron and Steel factories (KARDEMIR) have announced that they have added South America to their export portfolio after Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The statement said the company which continued to work on market and product development in product range to include railway items had also made progress in terms of exports. It also said

Railway products such as railway rail and kangal products, the company continues to work on market and product development, exports continued without a break in the reported statement,

“Our exports products loaded in containers set off to Brazil for the first time. Our company, which has been collecting the fruits of its investments and product development efforts over the years, aims to increase export figures and contribute to foreign exchange input to our country with the weight it will give to steel production with high added value.”

KARDEMIR KARABUK IRON & STEEL INDUSTRY & TRADE Co. is an iron and steel enterprise located in the north of Turkey, in the province of Karabük in the Black Sea region, and the first heavy industrial factory in Turkey. The foundations of Kardemir, the first integrated iron and steel factory in Turkey, were laid on April 3, 1937 by Ismet Inönü, the prime minister of the period, as one of the national industrialization moves of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic. On September September 9, 1939, the factory fired the first blast furnace, and a day later, on September 10, 1939, it produced the first Turkish iron.

The state enterprise pioneered the industrial breakthroughs of Turkey and realized the project, manufacturing and assembly of many large industrial plants. For this reason, the factory was known as “factory that established factories” in Turkey.

After the privatization, which took place on March 30, 1995 with an exemplary ownership, the company, which renewed production technologies with an investment expenditure of more than $2 billion, has become one of the largest industrial enterprises in Turkey today. The company is the only national brand of Turkey in Railway rail production. All shares of the company in the BIST 30 index are open to the public.


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