Published On: Tue, Dec 3rd, 2019

Poll shows Imamoglu ranks first among possible presidential candidates in Turkey


According to a survey conducted by PIAR Research Company about the next presidential elections, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor EKREM IMAMOGLU ranked first among the possible candidates to include TAYYIP ERDOGAN, the current president. Based on the results of said survey, 44.5 percent of the respondents said I would vote for IMAMOGLU whereas same rate for President ERDOGAN was 39.7 percent.

Results of the research titled “General Political Agenda of Turkey” made in November were published in November. The survey was made with 2 thousand 416 people in 26 provinces representing Turkey between November 19-24 using face-to-face interview method in compliance with the urban-rural ratio.

When asked the question “If the general election was today which political party would you vote for”

31.9 percent of the participants replied AK PARTY, whereas 24.7 percent said they would prefer CHP followed by 10.6 percent for MHP and 10.2 percent for HDP. Only 9 percent preferred GOOD Party (İyi Parti).

On the other hand 7.7 percent of the respondents thought they would vote for Ali BABACAN (former Ak Party Finance Minister) who is expected to form a party later this month, while 3.4 percent thought they would vote for Ahmet DAVUTOGLU (former Ak Party Prime Minister)

However, one of the most remarkable points among survey results was the replies received regarding presidential elections to come in 2023 (and maybe earlier, depending on further conditions). When asked “Which candidate would you vote for in a presidential election with two candidates in the first round” 44.5 percent of the participants responded as IMAMOGLU. The survey results showed Erdogan stayed behind IMAMOGLU with 39.7 percent. 15.8 percent of the respondents were undecisive.

Obviously Turkey is likely to witness very important developments in the coming months.

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