Published On: Sun, Jul 19th, 2020

Opposition party politicians say Turkey has had worst 5 years in its economic history

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A top politician member of IYI PARTY (Good Party) and responsible for “Development Policies has commented “If it is known that the rule of law and justice has definitely entered into Turkey, money is abundant in the world, and it will come”.

Prof. TATLIOGLU the head of “Good Party Development Policies” said Turkey’s economy had experienced the worst 5 years in the country’s history adding they had examined whole history of growth and unemployment data based on those provided by TUIK (official) and they had found that when the period of 1975-80 was excluded, the period of 2015-2020 was the worst ever. The professor also went on to say, “We see a Turkey that has turned its direction down with a wasted potential”.

The professor who shared their vision and solution proposals also referred to employment saying “Turkey’s employment is at the level of 20 million. We need to bring that figure to 35 million. To us that’s the most important issue”.

He stated that the national income per capita was US$ 12,500 in 2012, while this year it has gone down to US$ 8,500. Noting that Turkey was in the process of impoverishment, he said “Turkey does not have a goal at the moment. There is an economy that cannot be managed. We are now preparing the Economic Vision program. We will table our proposals in all areas no later than September. It is necessary to break down walls in many areas, from the agricultural sector to SMEs”.

Prof. Tatlıoğlu stressed the need for Law first, for the economy to get on the right track. He said ”Trust is the boss of the economy. When the state decides who earns what, no one invests there. You have to run the free-market economy. The rule of law is the first requirement/step of development and without law there is no development. If the political climate changes, believe me, Turkey’s climate will change in 3 months. If it is known that the rule of law and justice have made a definite introduction to Turkey, money is abundant in the world”.

“The AK Party’s policies over the last few years are out of political desperation. They have tried to do the same thing with Hagia Sophia before planned to consolidate the electorate by separating the people, but they were not able to succeed”.

He said: “As Good Party, we started at 7 per cent and after March 31, we always kept putting on it. We’re at 12.4 now. We are the 3rd party according to some polls. MHP is also the 5th party in all polls because the MHP, in particular, got 60 percent of its votes from the AK Party on June 24, and now mobilized those votes for the Good Party, Deva and the Future Party. There is very little from our party, going to new parties.”

The professor also noted there was a steady decline in the AK Party Vote and added “to be more important, the vote gap between Tayyip Bey and the AK Party is closing.

Vice president of economic policies for The Good Party on the other hand said that Turkey’s reserves were decreasing by US$ 5 billion each month, and that banks have $ 40 to $ 50 billion in reserves left when the mandatory provisions are left out. “The maximum amount of time this can go is 8 months” he said. Stressing that the inflow of foreign capital to Turkey had stalled, the VP said the meltdown in reserves was not sustainable.

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